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There is no limit to a smooth processing in the aftermarket

The headquarter of eaf gmbh in Goch (Germany) on the Lower Rhine is located 80 km from Düsseldorf (Germany). The convenient location far from major conurbations enables us to hold a stock of spare parts on large surfaces at an affordable price. The good traffic conditions ensure a fast transport of parts. With subsidiaries in 8 countries, we deliver to 22 countries Europe-wide.

eaf Germany:

eaf Computer Service Supplies GmbH
Borsigstraße 8
47574 Goch (Germany)

Phone: +49 2823 93130

eaf France:

eaf computer service supplies GmbH France
100 rue du Clos Pasquiès
45650 St Jean le Blanc (France)

Phone: +33 2 38 46 08 76

eaf Poland:

eaf computer service supplies GmbH Polska
Ul. Vetulaniego 1A
31-226 Kraków (Poland)

Phone: +48 12 4152841

eaf Romania:

eaf computer service supplies GmbH Romania
str. Drumul Ponoarele Nr. 11-14
corp A, parter
Bucuresti, sector 1 (Romania)

Phone: +40 314 382 587

eaf Morocco:

HIGHLINE Consulting
353 Bd Mohamed 5, 1 Etg
Casablanca (Morocco)
Mr. Jalal Quebbou

Phone: +21 26 61099 996